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Guys wearing panties

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Guys wearing panties

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Oldhead 1 y Ok gkys my take on it as i think that I am one of the people that you are refering to about wearing panties for comfort and not a sexual eros dc. Every guy that wears panties does so for their own searing reasons. It's really no one business what a man wears or doesn't wear. No laws are being broken and No one is being hurt. People in general don't like anything thats not right down the center line. If someone drifts a little left or right of center right alway some mouth is there to argue right and wrong.

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My wife loves these too. THIs whole week ive been doing the panty challenge.

Men wearing women’s underwear fetish: my husband lied to me for years about this.

Paul wears Panties! If you like a full cut dainty brief that feel wonderful next to the skin ,then these our the panties for you. I would recommend these to all women.

If you are interested, you can also read all about panties made for men. I read pantiss of the comments from other males who were pleased with them also and totally agree about their soft and silky feel.

About 20 years ago I settled into wearing a brand called "Underscore" sold at J. Comforable control no roll up!

I'm wear them all day! It fits well, feels good against my skin and gives me sufficient support.

I wear a size 7 in other brands and these were way too large which added to the cost for the return and exchange. Exciting, uplifting, just great feeling panties.

Sized down one but these panties are a great fit. These are all I wear.

I know some ladys thang man wear lady pants! Only down fall is the cotton gusset wears out for us gents. They are so comfortable pznties just what I need for the long haul over the road. She asked me if I was man enough to give it a try.

Men in panties: a basic guide to panties - bellatory - fashion and beauty

The elastic waist and leg bands wear like iron and don't stretch out of shape. See more Speedos, Lycra, Tight undies and Naked guys. Every guy that wears panties does so for their own personal reasons. Love them!

The leg openings are a bit larger that usual making them very comfortable. I would dare say I was jealous because here is all this beautiful colored fabric and I was stuck with rough cotton in plain colors. I also like all the different styles and color options. The leolist surrey bc is luxurious with a higher waist line than most and a nice full cut in the back which allows the panty to stay put while wearing!

Guy asked me if I liked boys and to dress up like a girl, but I She told me I could wear panties, but that she would buy me my own since I.

I love the fabric and the fit. They are so soft and sexy, I want to wear them everyday, all day. Despite the less generous cut thai massage parlor from the straight across rather than curved rear seam of the gusset, the less sheer fabric of the current panty, and the apparent unavailability of colors, I still rate this panty as a five star BUY recommendation.

Men in panties: a basic guide to panties

I strongly recommend these to those who are looking for lacy brief type panties. I am in complete agreement about their soft and sexy feel, and their full coverage too. I'll be buying more. WHhere i wear pantiss all day and all night, you guys should do it.

Best panties for men - tomima's blog - lingerie & underwear expert

I had a sensitive operation and required softer fabric with no seams. But it does look good. I feel so feminine and so sensual when I wear this panty. Jul 15, - Explore Icky Now's board guyz Wearing Panties", followed by people on Pinterest. The ones that felt the best were the silky bikinis. Have been wearing them for years.

These shadowline panties were just paanties luxury to wear in comparison. The gusset is nice and wide. These are the best ever! Thank you Vanity Fair!! There are a multitude of fabrics, textures, and cuts to learn about, and you're going to want to learn about most, if not all of them. Very pretty.

After five years, my husband finally revealed his fetish

Well to be honest, I gkys the fabrics to be much softer than mens. It's an all over perfect garment for both sexes. It feels weird to wear these ladies control briefs but they are so much better on dating sites ontario canada sweaty skin than my cotton briefs. To my surprise they fit great. But, they are a nice fit, they are sexy. Wonderful fit, nice feminine lace trim.

Bikini Cut Bikini cut is a popular, simple, but sexy cut.

The colors are very pretty and love wearing the panties everyday. Great under shorts ,pants ,and great to lounge and sleep in.