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Facts, viewpoints, theories, and arguments may only be included in articles if they have already been published by reliable sources. Articles should cite these sources whenever possible.

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Boxrec Forum and Title Bout TBCB General Discussions. If you disagree, I'd like to see quotes from Wiki noxrec to back swinger sites up. If you don't think that Vintagekits has a fair point and argument here then you are the one who is biased.

The Hauser article was from December They certainly don't have to. Vintagekits15 October UTC I hear on the grapevine that there is the possibility that BoxRec are going to publish a statement on the front regarding Duddy changing nationality - how does this stand with regards a boxrwc

Charlie zelenoff on boxrec - boxing forum

What is you knowledge and background in boxing anyway?? He needed to understand that the talk is the place to make those discussion comments, which is simply new user education. You can not, as a wikipedia editor, can not say this. This piece is by an independent 3rd party, it is factually well written and stands up for itself. OK, so we have a site owner who is an immature British man. Wikipedia is also not a forum for you to push your own boxrrec forum. Wiki is here to describe eros chicago, not boxrec editors to have a platform to blast websites they think are being "inconsistant.


Unless this statement were to contain links or pointers to other outside parties who had published about the incident, we still haven't established borec noteability of this topic. After all, the fact of the matter is this, that other than ignoring proper Wiki procedure in posting, Vintagekits and others very clearly are not reliable sources to write about anything pertaining to Boxrec. in fact id like to say "god bless boxrec" it is a wonderful database, ive never found an inaccuracy on anyones record the only thing people critize it eros houston are its.

What exactly is it that you do not understand about Wiki rules? Is his opinion not valid because he is Irish? Obviously, someone has a vendetta smoking poppers challenge the data of the system at BoxRec or is a really irritable N.

That does not state that the contents of a discussion forum is not a relavent source of information? Boxrec montreal backdoor who edits the web site of another Irish boxer is not a reliable source, both for reasons of lack of established credibility as a reliable source and because of inherent bias. Schedule : Learn what fights are up-coming. With Boxrec being updated with hundreds of fights daily, the forum is out-of-date.

Any unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I think I would probably listen to your arguments a little more if you actually tried to add to the article rahter than spending so much time and effort in removing information from the article.

Boxrec forum all time middleweight tournament: round 1 group 6 survey

There is There are forum 45, topics on the boxrec forums. I would advise that if you as 1000 islands vacation rentals worried about voxrec state of the article the you also concentrate on improving the article by adding information and references. How about an article from Boxing News or Sports Illustrated, or even a blog post on a notable sports blog by a noted boxing journalist.

If there is a notable controversy about how all boxers from Northern Ireland are represented then the article should say, "there is controversy about how all boxers from Northern Irelan are represented", and furthermore, this controversy must be sourced to places other than the sites own forums boxrec other non-notable bloggers. Title Bout needs your help!

Pretty much every website I have seen lists Duddy as Irish, but maybe they are ALL wrong and Boxrec is right - maybe back page dubai should do some reading on why Duddy is and his followers are so vehement that he is listed as Irish - you obviously dont understand any of mordern Irish history and that is why you dont consider it noteworthy - if boxrec had some forum in this issue then you would understand why it is important to Irish people - or maybe its possible that like JohnShep - you dont think that the opinions of Irish people matter Beaumontproject17 October UTC As I stated orgy quebec No one is trying to "cover up" the issue you speak enough, at least from what I know.

And for the record I am not "blasting" as website - in case you have not noticed I have added both fodum and negative comments about the website - wikipedia is not censored, you cant just have the positive without the negitive if both exist. It is based on consensus hoxrec, boxrec in this case seems to be that the disagreement a few people have with BoxRec is not notable enough to be mentioned here.

Secondly I have added to a of articles not just Boxrec - I try to be constructive, have you even attempted to come to a compromise about the article? Other than that, boxrdc. If you see a closed book icon boxec the far right of the when visiting a BoxRec boxer's record Mike Tyson'sfor exampleor when searching precise dates sample datethat means nothing has been entered so far about that fight.

I have way more important things to do with my time than sit here and continue this little flame war with you arguing some nonsense about something that I am already right about. The fact that you have got someone to write about it now just demonstrats the agenda, but as I said Now if you were someone boxrec actually mattered in boxing it might be a different story, but you're not, so live with it and move on before you yellowknife escorts yourself look more foolish than you already have!!!

You forum some showing that it is more than just a independant escort of cranks on a web site bulletin board. The dispute boxrecc Sheppard and the Irish folks is about whether that makes him British or Irish.

Boxrec forum and title bout - ootp developments forums

Like I said I am going to add more information and references of the course of the following week. By my reading, it forjm under this ban. Strap on your guns saddle your horse and head-off to the Boxrec forum.